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DAGOBAH 2007 Convention - August 3-5, Gorzow Wlkp.

: 03 lip 2007, 22:23
autor: DarkMiagi
The "Dagobah" Star Wars Fan Association of Gorzow, the 501st Legion Polish Outpost and the "Mam marzenie" Foundation are proud to announce a Star Wars convention, to be held August 3-5 in Gorzow Wielkopolski, titled "DAGOBAH 2007 - Be like Lord Vader"!

Acting as special guest of the convention is Wojtek, a ten-year-old Star Wars fan from Kostrzyn, who is suffering with cystic fibrosis. His dream is to have his own Darth Vader outfit, meet other Star Wars fans and become a Dagobah 2007 participant. Together with the "Mam marzenie" Foundation, we will make the young boy's dream come true.

Furthermore, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Gerald Home - the British actor who played Tessek and Mon Calamari Officer in "Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" - has accepted our invitation and will be attending Dagobah 2007, making it his first visit in Poland!

Mr. Home, along with Polish Star Wars fans, have agreed to help make young Wojtek's dream come true. Thank you very much, Gerald!

Visit the Dagobah 2007 website, at

"Mam marzenie" Foundation homesite:

Gerald Home's website:

Convention annoucement at ... 107197.asp

Convention annoucement and extra information at Imperial City Online (in Polish):

: 30 lip 2007, 21:20
autor: DarkMiagi
Official Programme of the Convention:

Friday, August 3

(city streets)

2pm-6pm - "Star Tram" - an antique tram will be riding through the streets of Gorzow. For your enjoyment, the driver, Lord Vader himself, has prepared many Star Wars attractions.

(theatre small stage)

3pm-4pm - "Celebration Europe, part one" - an account of the largest European Star Wars convention, as witnessed by members of the Polish Outpost

4pm-5pm - "Star Wars trilogy 30 years later" - a contest (Marcin "Martinus" Szulzycki)

5pm-6pm - "Methods of Slicing" - a lecture on lightsabre combat philosophy (Michal "Misiek" Wolski)

10pm-11pm - "Balance of the Force" - a discussion and a lecture (Michal "Misiek" Wolski).

(theatre summer stage)

7pm - ceremonial opening of the 2nd edition of the Dagobah Star Wars convention:
A) welcoming Guests;
B) presentation of the "Mam Marzenie" foundation;
c) Wojtek and his dream.

8pm-9pm - "Oy! Pick up the phone, a Jawa's calling!" - a contest

9.30pm - presentation of the "Dagobah" Star Wars Fan Association of Gorzow

10pm - "The Muppet Show" with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

10.30pm - conclusion of the 1st day of the convention; and a surprise.

(theatre park)

8pm - "A Feast on Tatooine" - an event with Star Wars contests and games

8.30pm - "Run, Gonk, Run" - a contest (not only for droids)

9pm - "1st Official Attack on the Death Star - 30 years later" - a contest

9.30pm - "Live Podcast" - a Star Wars podcast recorded live with audience (Michal "Misiek" Wolski & Wedge)

10pm - "A Sith from a Fiery Planet" - a play by the Fire Theatre of Wroclaw (Michal Szczypek)

(boulevard over the river Warta)

11pm - a Star Wars firework show

(large stage)

/an accompanying event/

6pm - "A Serenade over Warta", a piano recital
8pm - "A Serenade over Warta", gala concert

: 30 lip 2007, 22:37
autor: DarkMiagi
Saturday, August 4

(large stage)

10am-11am - "Star Wars on TV" - a lecture (Bartek "Burzol" Burzynski)

11am-12am - presentation of the Star Wars Artistic Team (S.W.A.T.) Association (Michal "Pazdzioch" Dziwniel & Zuzanna "Gilraen" Kominczyk)

4pm-5pm - presentation of the Utapau Star Wars Fanclub of Skierniewice and screening of scenes from their fan-film, titled "Treasure of the Shadows"

5pm-6pm - presentation of the Kamino Star Wars Fan Assiociation of Tricity (Jarek "Yaro" Wójcik)

6pm-7pm - presentation of a movie, titled "The Way of Destiny"

7pm-8pm - "A Star in Black" - Staszek Maderek, an actor and director, will talk about his latest movie, titled "Stars in Black"

8pm-8.15pm - presentation of the "Mam Marzenie" foundation

8.30pm-9.30pm - OUR SPECIAL GUESTS, GERALD HOME and PAUL BLAKE - a meeting with Star Wars actors

9.30pm - "Be like Lord Vader" - a performance produced by Cezary Zolynski, an actor of the Gorzow theatre

10.15pm - conclusion of the 2nd day of the convention.

(small stage)

10am-11am - "Could These Eyes Tell Lies?" - a contest (Polish IceHeart - Marta "Pieczyfko" Piekarz)

11am-12am - "Life on Endor - a Scout Trooper's Tale" - a lecture (Marek "Kielo" Kielak)

4pm-5pm - "All You Want to Know About Stormtroopers" - a lecture (Maciej "Maska" Skawiński)

5pm-6pm - "Life Among the Sands - a Tusken Raider's Tale" - a lecture (Michał "YangObi" Zolynski)

6pm-7pm - "Star Wars Oldies" - a lecture (Kuba Turkiewicz)

7pm-8pm - "Fleets in Star Wars" - a lecture

8pm-9pm - "Celebration Europe, part two" - an account of the largest European Star Wars convention, as witnessed by members of the Polish Outpost

(city streets)

12am - "Little Star Wars Parade" through the streets Gorzow (route: J. Osterwa's Theatre - Teatralna Street - Sikorskiego Street - Cathedral Square)

12.20am-3.30pm (Cathedral Square) - a three-hour event:
A) "Fashion from a Faraway Galaxy" - best costume contest and fashion show (citizens of Gorzow will determine the winner, who will receive the "Golden Wookiee Fluff" trophy;
B) "Wojtek's Dream" (Mam Marzenie foundation) - making Wojtek's dream come true - ceremonial presenting of the Lord Vader costume by Star Wars actors;
C) Presentation of professional "bad guy" costumes by members of the 501st Legion Polish Outpost;
D) Presentation of professional "good guy" costumes by members of the Rebel Legion Eagle Outpost;
E) "Walk with me, AT-AT" - an Imperial walker contest;
F) autographs, "Han Solo in Carbonite" installation, etc.

(summer stage)

4pm-5.30pm - a demonstration of the latest PackedModel TCG (Piotr "Solo7th" Mielewczyk & Lukasz "Ragnus" Dobosiewicz)

6pm-7pm - "1st International Death Star MSE-6 Races" - a contest (Grzegorz "ZaxonSpox" Pettri)

7pm-8pm - "Learn to speak Mandalorian" - a lecture (Grzegorz "Ki Adi Mundi" Pienkowski & Patrycja "Lady Morte" Wieczorek).

(theatre cafe)

4pm - a press conference with actors GERALD HOME and PAUL BLAKE.

(theatre gallery)

11am - ceremonial opening of the Star Wars Art Gallery.

: 30 lip 2007, 22:52
autor: DarkMiagi
Sunday, August 8

(large stage)

10am-11am - "Your Own 3D Effects in Movies" - how to introduce 3D fx to your own movie, in several easy steps (Maciej "Maska" Skawiński)

11am-12am - "Clone Wars" - animated Star Wars, not only for the youngest

12am-1pm - "Celebration Europe, part three" - an account of the largest European Star Wars convention, as witnessed by members of the Polish Outpost

1pm-1.30pm - "The Muppet Show" with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

2pm - ceremonial closing of the Dagobah 2007 convention.

(small stage)

10am-12am - Star Wars TCG Tournament (Michal "YangObi" Zolynski)

12am-1pm - presentation of the "Our Side of the Force" movie project (Michal "Pazdzioch" Dziwniel i Jaroslaw "Jaro" Wojcik)

1pm-2pm - "Imperial Armour" - a lecture (Maciej "Maska" Skawinski).

(summer stage)

12am-1pm - "What's R2-D2 Squealing About?" - a performance for the youngest participants, with Gorzow theatre actors.

(theatre park)

10am-12am - "The Way to Kessel" - a Star Wars mini-LARP (Piotr "Tarkin" Polomski i Marcin "Martinus" Szulzycki).