LCO, reporting in!

Welcome to Eagle Base and Polish Garrison
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LCO, reporting in!

Postautor: Commander Cody » 06 paź 2011, 20:01

Greetings fellow Rebel Legion Members!

My name is Jason Rutledge and I am the new Rebel Legion Commanding Officer. I am joining overseas base forums in an effort to have better communication with all international members.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

I must apologize, but English is my only language and I cannot read/write in Polish :(

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Re: LCO, reporting in!

Postautor: ShVagYeR » 06 paź 2011, 20:19

Hello and welcome to our forums, Jason. :)

Thank you for taking the time to register here. Your quest to stay in touch with all members by registering at all base forums is admirable. :)

It's okay you don't speak Polish -- most of our command staff is bilingual with English being our second language, so there should be no trouble with communication. Both our CO KamelM and myself as well as the rest of our staff are at your disposal via PM (here & RL forums) or by e-mail.

Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay!

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Re: LCO, reporting in!

Postautor: KamelM » 06 paź 2011, 23:50

Welcome Jason!
I'm glad to see you on our forums :) Most impressive task it is to visit all bases- but as Shvagyer said- admirable.

English is good for most of us and if any translation (english->polish or polish->english) is needed we'll be glad to help.

Enojoy your stay and visit us from time to time :)

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